Team Building Activities Program

A team building magic class activity is a truly fun, yet skills based program.

Through the ages magicians have been very clever at understanding how the human mind operates. Not just for entertaining audiences but also for inspiring people and for marketing purposes. The Magic Academy Team Building Program enables your employees to develop a greater sense of team work and results becasue our fun, unique and effective team building program that encompasses learning and performing magic along with aspects of theatre will have a “side effect” of building team work skills that can help improve employee performance and productivity in the workplace.

List of benefits

  1. Establishing goals
  2. Harmonising personality types
  3. Training on how to work together
  4. Support with a team
  5. Using creativity to solve problems
  6. Communication skills
  7. Focus/concentration skills
  8. Understanding audience (consumer) behaviour
  9. Overcoming fear and managing pressure
  10. Inner peace

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