The 7 Golden Rules of Magic

The 7 golden rules of magic

There are 7 golden rules of peforming magic    sawing women in half

  • Never ever reveal the secret to a trick—it ruins the mystery, so never reveal the how!
  • Practice to Perfection – never show a trick until you can do it properly every time—A poorly done trick inadvertently breaks rule No. 1.
  • Misdirection: Most people think this is only a physical action where, say—the right hand waves about while the left makes a secret move. While this is sometimes the case, misdirection is more psychological than physical. It is the ability (even verbally)of the magician to focus the audience’s attention  on whatever he or she wishes to successfully complete the illusion.Study this as much as rehearsaing an effect.
  • Concealment most folks believe magicians hide things up their sleeves. In fact, we don’t, but concealment is, obviously, is crucial to the effect. Sure you need to be careful with angles but more importantly you need to understand how the human brain thinks and perceives information.
  • Make Believe – Magicians are story tellers and the story telling should connect with an audience’s child like innocence. Succeed at that and they’ll believe you, whether it’s true or not.
  • A great presentation is needed to convince hence entertain an audience; there is no bad trick just a bad presentation. Let go of your ego and be engaging and respectful.